Hi there, Welcome, or welcome back. I’m happy you’re here! My apologies for the site looking a bit of a mess at the moment, I just moved it to self-hosting so there’s quite a bit of new things to figure out. However, this is all for the future of this page and lot’s of things […]

Kabira Kannon Temple

On top of theĀ hill nearby the observation point of Kabira Bay is a small temple. I’m sure you’ve seen it if you ever visited Kabira Bay. But do you know the legend about who built the temple? According to legend, one day a ship had anchored in the bay while waiting for the weather to […]

Southern Island Star Festival

Do you like gazingĀ at the stars? If you are in Ishigaki tomorrow, August 6th, you are in luck! TheĀ 15th annual Star Festival is kicking off on Saturday with an evening concert inĀ Painuhamacho ParkĀ starting at 17.00. After the show, lights all over the island will be turned off from 8.30 to 9.30 so we can all […]

Orion Beer Festival

The Orion Beer festival is tomorrow! If you are in Ishigaki, be sure to swing by for some good beer and free live music and performances! You can find the time and location under Events See you there ^_^

Hong Kong ā™„ļøŽ Ishigaki

Did you know that there are now direct flights from Hong Kong to Ishigaki? Why don’t you check the new Getting Here page for up-to-date information about flights? Don’t know what time is best for visiting? Head over to the new Climate page to see what season suits you best! Visit Ishigaki is still a […]

Ishigaki fun fact!

Did you know that Ishigaki, or ēŸ³åž£ as it is written in Japanese, literally means “stone wall”? The name probably comes from the beautiful stone walls that used to make up the streets of Ishigaki,Ā you can still find quite a few of them in the city. But to get a real feel of how the […]


Thank you for stopping by! I have been dreaming about doing this project ever since I moved to Ishigaki, almost four years ago. But I always found myself out of either energy or time. Finally, I have decided to simply create time and energy to do it! So here it is, far, far from finished […]

Where is Ishigaki?

Many of my friends and even family are still slightly confused about where I actually live, even though it’s been almost four years now! Ishigaki one of the most southern islands in Japan. A 3 hours 30min flight from Tokyo or one hour from Okinawa. It is actually closer to Taiwan than any other main […]